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Sephardim - God's Precious Jewels

Hi, I am Jessica Zaragoza Duarte. Born in the USA, I have recently moved to Spain 2015 on a mission to reclaim my Sephardic nationality. I've also created this web site to assist you in your journey to reclaim your Spanish Sephardic Nationality. I am so passionate about helping you, because like you, is important to reconnect with our past, and move forward with true identity as Sephardim - God's Precious Jewels, the Jews of Spain. We are in hiding no longer.

I'm motivated by the love of God to help you and that's why I am offering my services for free. I am not an expert, I've only gone through the process. I've learned some things by hitting walls, yet, I never gave up and found the right path to complete my Spanish nationality process. It was not always easy, and often I questioned myself. Then I would tell my story, and many others wanted to follow my same path. I knew one day I'd create a simple site to help you along the journey as best I can.

Please, I am not a professional. I'm just like you, Sephardim trying to connect the dots of the past and understand today how important this journey has been for me and my 6 children; who by the way love Spain. 

I am learning and progressing in the language and love, love the Spanish people. I feel at home here in the beautiful Pyrenees mountains. Truly has been a unexpected dream come true. So please, let me assist you on your beautiful journey back to the land of Sepharad, Spain the land of our ancestors.

This is one of my favorite pictures taken in Spain, the day I signed my acta de notaridad in Madrid, with my attorney Luis Portero on July 4th, 2016. I began my process January 2016 and 7 months later I was done. I felt like I ran a 7 month non-stop marathon. Not only did I move to Spain to complete the process, I have 6 children with me. I studied for the exams, requested all necessary documents, contacted specialists in the field of Sephardic Studies, moved 3 times, purchased a van, visited the ER 3 times, found health insurance, schooling for the children, the gym, everything it takes to move to a new nation and learn how to maneuver through the laws, meet new friends, cry, laugh, smile; conquered fears, distance, laws, difficulty and learned to draw upon deep within to continue this path trusting God for everything. I've grown to love Spain and the beautiful people here. I'm learning to embrace so many new things, has been the best time in my life.

My citizenship was officially approved by the Ministry of Justice in Spain, May 5, 2017.

I'm honored to put this site together for you, for me, for our people - Sephardim, I do this for you, For God loves you so much! You are worth all the effort.

Shalom! Jessica from Spain